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All these softwares are free to download and use non-commercially. They are not free to redistribute.

File Management


Encryption Tools

Graphics Tools

Random Tools

ROM Modding

DLLs for developers

File Management:

Multi-Folder Maker


Create many folders in a single directory.
Great for organizing work into classes or chapters.
Creates up to 1000 folders (0 - 999).

Open Random File

Opens a random file in the current directory(including sub directories).
Great for movie night when you cant decide what to watch.
Random File Chooser

Random File Chooser

Like "Open Random File" but with a GUI.
Able to skip bad selection.
Functions for deleting, moving, or renaming selected file.
Folder Locker

Folder Locker

Folder Locker hides a folder from view.
If you have hidden folders, Folder Locker will unhide it.
Folders are locked with a password.
Name of the folder and password are required to unlock it.


PassStor stores your passwords.
Passwords are uniquely encrypted.
UPDATE: 2.0 added a location for username (incompatible with 1.0).
UPDATE: 3.0 no need for admin, added sort function and
download and upload functionality added for moving PCs.(incompatible with 2.0).
Attribute Editor

File Attribute Editor

File Attribute Editor can edit the;
Created Time, Last Accessed Time and Last Modified Time of a file.
Attribute Editor


ExcelLauncher simply opens excel files in individual Excel applications.
Since Microsoft Office 2010 opening 2 .xls files ment opening them in the same Excel instance.
This made it a pain to view multiple spreadsheets in the same window.
This program fixes this, instructions are included.
File Copier

File Copier

Copy or Move bulk files by type or search criteria.
It will count and tell you the size before the copy or move.


Removes characters from file names in bulk.
Can replace characters too.

PDF Meta Editor

Edit the meta data of PDF files with ease.
Includes a tab for common meta fields that can be minimized.
.ini file can have standard fields that get added automatically.


Subnet Calculator

Subnet Calculator

Subnets your network quickly and easily.
Uses slash notation.
Gives every address per subnet.
Assumes maximum possible size per subnet if not specified.
TCP Communitacor


TCP COM is a simple software to send and recieve TCP Data.
You simply enter the IP Address and the Port and click [Connect].
Send Data with the [Submit] button.
UPDATE: TCP COM starts on a search window that allows you to find open TCP ports.
After the search, just click [Read] by the desired port to connect to it.
Click [Specify] to enter your desired port without searching.

Encryption Tools:

Trivial File Encryptor

Trivial File Encryptor

Encrypts files up to 16MB in size with custom 32 bit encryption.
Decrypts .ENC files made by Trivial File Encryptor.
Auto Generated encryption key.
Type your own encryption key if desired.
Trivial File Encryptor 128

Trivial File Encryptor 128

Same as "Trivial File Encryptor" but uses custom 128 bit encryption.
Pass Encryptor

Pass Encryptor

Similar to "Trivial File Encryptor 128" but uses a different encryption algorithm.
Faster, creates smaller encrypted files, encrypts files of any size.
Encryption is much simpler however.
Secret Message Generator

Secret Message Generator

Turns text into encrypted images.
You can change the background image and the dot color.
Send these images to your friends to pass secret messages.
Version 2.0 - added a few more characters recognized for better formatting
Secret Message Example


Turns text into encrypted images.
Much better than the Secret message Generator.
The image will appear unchanged, yet the message will be reteivable.
It does not use metadata and will not increase the size of your image file.
Works with PNG and BMP formats.
Example Steganographic Message
Jumble Crypt


A simple column cypher using a key of variable length.
Allows an optional slide to be added.
Limited character pool.
Jumble Decrypt


Decodes simple column cypher using key of variable length.
Allows an optional slide to be added.
Limited character pool(Slide only works on JumbleEncrypted messages).
This is a manual decoder, it will help you decode the message.
One Time Pad


One Time Pad (OTP) is an unbreakable one time use encryption.
It generates a random keys and encrypts/decrypts your message.
You can change the formula in the .ini file.
Includes options like "Strict", "CaseSensitive" and default keys.

Graphics Tools:

Color Picker

Color Picker

Helps you find RGB values of any color.
Simply select each R, G, and B value and it shows the color.
The upper triangle sets gray values.
If you want to use this ColorPicker in your project, here is a dll.
Gray Scaler

Gray Scaler

Turns any image into a black and white image.
You can adjust the shades with the side slider.

Base64 Image Converter

Convert Images into Base64 Text.
Helpful for manually inserting images into web pages.
Moonside Effect

Moonside Effect

Inverts images, swapping the border color and the solid inner color.
Adds a neat effect similar to the Moonside from the SNES game EarthBound.
Repeating the effect, with the [Next] button, creates a very cool line drawing effect.
NOTE: Larger images or images with alot of the border color take awhile to generate.

Image Viewer

A very simple image viewing software.
Manually assign filetypes to open with this software.
Never worry about Microsoft stealing your photo views again.
Opens; BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP file formats.

Random Tools:

Mr. Ohm Calculator

Mr. Ohm Calculator

Mr. Ohm Calculator performs electrical calculations.
Input 2 Voltage, Amperage, or Resistance and output the third.
Also performs calculations based on Wattage.

Note Reader

Discretely read a Notes.txt file.
Only uses the bottom 17 pixels of your screen.
Has search functionality.
List Randomizer

List Randomizer

Enter a list on one side.
Randomize it on the other.
Super simple.
Morse Code Translator

Morse Code Translator

Translates text to Morse Code.
Audibly plays Morse Code as well.
Pig Latin Translator

Pig Latin Translator

Translates text to Pig Latin.
Translates into 2 popular forms of pig latin.
Open Command Window Here

Open Command Window Here

This is just a .bat file.
It simply adds the "Open Command Window Here" option to your right click menu.
Probably only works on Windows 7.
Super helpful for any developer who needs access to the cmd in many different locations.
Running this file a second time will remove the option from your right click menu.
dotPeek Ripper


dotPeek (by JetBrains) lets you decompile C# programs.
It does not let you export them without a full version of Visual Studio (not Express).
dotPeekRipper lets you save any file you have opened in dotPeek to a local drive.
It makes using and modifying decompiled software easy.
NOTE: dotPeek must be installed for this program to work.
2.0 UPDATES: Sorts files by modified date, rips .resx files, refresh button, clear button
Prime Finder

Prime Finder

Find all the prime numbers below any number.
Uses Sieve of Eratosthenes.
Searching for more than 1,000,000 takes some time.
Gray Scaler

Hex Words

Finds words using only hex digits.
Fun for making phrases with security keys.
Day Schedule Designer

Day Schedule Designer

Helps schedule your every day by figuring out what time to do each major event.
Set various amounts of hours.
Slide the schedule around to match when you do various events.
At the bottom it will tell you when to begin and end work and sleep.
Check List Maker

Check List Maker

Makes Check Lists.
Saves Check Lists.
Can make a Check List from a .txt file.

GATS 1.1

The Goal Alignment Tracking System helps you manage projects.
Simply add projects by right clicking in the left pane and selecting [Add Task].
Reports are auto generated and can be printed.
UPDATE: 1.1 added Material Cost and Cost Report to the project. (performance improvements)
NOTE: 1.1 will clear all projects from 1.0.
Requires SQLServerCE to be installed (download here)

PAPI 2.0

The Process Analysis/Process Improvement software helps you improve any project incrementally.
Tracks any number of processes and their revision levels.
Dynamically places them in a Flow Diagram that can be altered at will.
Prints a process, including the diagram.
NOTE: Requires SQLServerCE to be installed (download here)
UPDATE: 2.0 is not compatible with 1.0 databases.


The Intelligent Management Processor makes decisions for you.
Simply put in the factors and choices, weigh and rank them, and get a solution.
A default problem is already entered based on food.

Time Clock Simulator

Time Clock Simulator acts like a time clock.
This is useful for tracking how many hours you work.
It can be used for tracking comparing your hours or reporting them to your supervisor.

Rapid Home Designer

Rapid Home Designer is a simple CAD tool specialized for designing Tiny Homes.
Using this tool you will be able to quickly draft up an accurate floor plan.
Maximum home size is 10,000sqft, but you would not want to design a home that big with this software.
Currently only uses straight lines.
FEATURES: Several Grid sizes, several Snap options, full history for undo/redo and colored lines for electrical and plumbing.
QR Code maker

QR Code Maker

Simply and easily make and save QR Codes.


TrimCSV removes trailing white space from CSV files.
Super helpful if using Oracle databases with the instant client.
This comes with and without a GUI.


When you receive a file from another country that uses a different encoding, the characters may render poorly.
This software can alter the encoding of files, allowing you to open them in your native software.
Generates a list of currently installed codepages. You must know the original and target encoding.
Works on 64 or 32 bit computers, any ascii file, any codepage installed on the pc.


Have a monitor with an image burned into it?
This can help. Just click Clean, and wait until the image is gone.
WARNING: Flashing colors may cause seizures.


AltDisplay is a simple program that shows the decimal values for all the characters.
There is a search function as well as manual navigation.


TurboClick allows you to click repeatedly with your left mouse button simply by holding it down. It can be turned on/off by using the [Ctrl] + [Insert] key combo.


BooLock give unauthorized PC users a scare when they try to use the keyboard or mouse. It can be turned on/off by using the secret key combo.

Dice Roller

Rolls a die... real simple.
Can roll 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice.

ROM Modding:

Complete Item Editor

Complete Item Editor

Edits items in Pokemon GBA ROMs.
The most comprehensive item editor to date.
Edits every aspect except the item image.
Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor

Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor

Edits Multi-Choice Boxes in Pokemon GBA ROMs.
Add more Multi-Choice Boxes.
Edits each item in each Multi-Choice Box.
Intro Text Editor

Intro Text Editor

Edits text at the beginning of Pokemon GBA ROMs.
Edits the professors intro speech aswell.
Visual display for edited text.
Inverse Battle Applier

Inverse Battle Applier

Applies generation 7 Inverse battles to Generation 3 Pokemon GBA ROMs.
DoesntKnowHowToPlay wrote the original ASM script.
HidoranBlaze edited it for Emerald Version.
The routine can be seen in this thread:
Patch Checker

Patch Checker

Compares 2 ROM patches to see if they can be patched together.
Provides a compatibility percentage.
Patch order matters.
7 Days to Die Counter

7 Days to Die Counter

Enter your current day, get the next 7th day.
Also tells how many days till that 7th day.
Only useful for playing 7 Days to Die.

DLLs for Developers:

LSATools (Source)

LSATools contains these classes:
- ColorPicker : Form
- InputBox : Form
- Nums
- txtBox


LSAColorPicker contains this class:
- ColorPicker : Form