LSA Development - Downloadable Games

Downloadable Games

These games are all free to download, play them from your computers desktop. Windows 7 is the target.

Hang Man

Hang Man C

Play a classic game of hang man.
Play by yourself with over 1500 random words to be challenged by.
Play with friends and pick your own secret word and hint.
Choose to have a timer between guesses for even more brain racking fun.
Use keyboard or mouse controls.
Art designed by ShinySparks.
Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape

This is a software rendition of the 1989 debut toy "The Brain" by Maf-Nif Inc.
The goal is to get all 8 levers pulled down.
No more than 2 levers can be moved at any given time.
Figure out the algorithm and escape the dungeon.
170 moves is a perfect score.
Use the mouse or the 1 - 8 number keys to flip the levers.


Think you are good at Tic-Tac-Toe?
To prove I am better, I wrote an AI that knows all my tricks.
It will never lose.
Cats games are not losses ;)
Email me a screenshot of anyone who wins, I would love to see it.
To deal or not to deal

To Deal or Not To Deal

A crude rendition of the popular TV show "Deal or no deal".
Choose a case, then follow the prompts to remove other cases.
The goal is to get the best offer from the banker.
Optionally you can keep the original case you chose.
If the program has access, it can store your saves.
If saves are stored, you can play higher and higher ranked games.
Type Fast

Type Fast

A simple typing excercise.
A letter is displayed on screen.
Hit that key on your keyboard.
You have one second or less to hit it.
Increase your typing speed through practice.
There are many modes to try.
Perfect Game Picker

Perfect Game Picker

A simple game to help you decide which game to play.
There are several bianary questions.
Answer them and the program will tell you what game to go play.
If you are feeling in a different mood, try it again.
You may get a different game suggestion.
All games are mainstream titles.